As with every journey, there are many experiences and wonderful possibilities which present themselves.  My journey is no different.  I choose to live my life with passion and gratitude and listen to my heart.  Since this summer I’ve   stepped back from the store because of increased family obligations, which by the way are wonderful! The amazing healing which happens only happens when we listen to the beautiful song in our own soul.  If this is the advice I give others, then I must listen to the very words which come out of my mouth.   


My last 3 years with The MINDs Eye have been an amazing and wonderful adventure.  I joined with Jen in this project because I wanted to share the love and joy of life that was bursting out of me with the world.  The original MINDs Eye gave me a safe physical place to help me explore & unlock the door to infinite possibilities.  Thank you Jen!  Along the way I’ve met many wonderful people and found new ways of sharing and connecting with many beautiful souls.  One of these ways is NADA AcuDetox (the 5 point ear acupuncture).


I’m still doing AcuDetox Clinics at The MIND’s Eye until Saturday November 23 2019.


Then I’ll be taking a break for awhile… to anyone who is interested in any future events and/or AcuDetox send an email to this address and I’ll add you to my email list.

Email to :


The MINDs Eye Clinic Style AcuDETOX schedule ending Saturday, November 23, 2019.



WEDNESDAY~11:30 am




SATURDAY~10:45 am

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